Avenger Bullpup Parts coming

Avenger Bullpup Parts coming

Trying some new things for the Bullpup that I think you’ll like.  Exciting stuff.  All the parts are on their way to me for next batch of chassis, should be before March 1. Stay posted.  

I am also in talks to become a distribution partner with another builder that makes parts for the Avenger , but they are currently hard to get.  More soon.  


Happy shooting 



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Hi, I’m trying to disassemble my Avenger Bullpup to install a vinyl wrap and I’m stumped as to how to get the stock to separate from the barrell and all. I have removed the 3" bolt from inside the butt stock, plus the small screws on each side. I can feel that everything is loose, but still won’t separate. What am I missing??? Also can’t find any videos on youtube that show how to do this.. Thanks!

Casey Robinson

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