Bullpup Forward Cocking Lever Kit-STOLEN order of carbon fiber plate

Bullpup Forward Cocking Lever Kit-STOLEN order of carbon fiber plate

Its been a bust few weeks.  I was awaiting my carbon fiber order for the next batch of tactical chassis and unfortunately when I received it , the package was empty.  It was stolen in transit and I am working with my supplier on replacing it.  Stay posted for date when it comes it and those hit the site.

Also my forward cocking lever for the Avenger Bullpup is in testing.  I am shooting it as much as I can between work and the family.  I have a test unit going out to someone this weekend for testing and review with his thoughts.  Busy times !  Thanks for all your interest and support.  Happy shooting. 



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I have a friend skinny Mitch airgun brotherhood YouTube he would be a great candidate to test your product he’s done quite a Few YouTube videos on the bull pup check them out

Erik boehm

Hey Anthony! Looking forward to the cocking lever setup. Don’t forget about me as well. I have all your items that will fit the bullpup. Great quality on all items. You are one heck of an inventor. Thank you!

Steven Goodman

I’m interested in both the Bullpup cocking kit and the chassi kit

Keith glen Nosbisch

I too am very interested. If there is a waiting list please put my name on it. Love the gun, hate the rear lever.

Armando Guerra Sr

I want to be on that list also if you have one . The sooner I can get one the better. I hate that rear cocking but I love the gun

Randy Griffin

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