New work area!

New work area!

I built up Bonacci Goods off of a folding table and a tiny 30” work bench in my basement.  I have had great support from all the Avenger fanatics this year and I wanted to fix up a nice place to work that will inspire me to keep creating.  I brought in a toolbox I already owned from the garage for storage of tools and parts , and mounted a 8’ butcher block countertop as a work table.  Finished off with a shelf above, good led lighting and my laptop and I’m ready to get going.  Still have some finishing touches to do but I’m excited to have a nicer space to work in going forward.  Who knows what the future will bring, I’m keeping all options open as to what to create from this space.  Thanks for all your support. - 


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It looks like you do some quality work! Looking forward to building something using your parts!


That new office looks great, man!


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