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AV Avenger Gauge Blackout Caps

AV Avenger Gauge Blackout Caps

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Air Venturi Avenger Rifle Guage Blackouts.

-- THESE DO NOT FIT THE BULLPUP VERY WELL -- Working on a custom fit part.  

Don’t let the ugly silver and white gauges ruin the look of your Avenger. I made these for myself and thought people might like them too. These are nice quality 3D printed parts. They press fit easily on the gauge and still show all the pressure range.

This comes with a set of 2 gauge covers.


Rifle or any other accessories in pictures NOT included.


UPDATE 3/28/21

I have updated these a bit to be thicker plastic around the gauge, and a textured finish on the front side.  All units sent out after this date will be updated version.  


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