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AV Avenger Bullpup Rear Picatinny Rail Support

AV Avenger Bullpup Rear Picatinny Rail Support

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This is a very simply designed part that solves a functional and asthenic shortcoming of the AVA Bullpup.  There was no support for the rear of the picatinny rail.  There is already a mounting hole ready for an M4 countersunk screw, but no riser (support) to hold it up.  With a medium to firm pressure with your finger you can see the rail flex under pressure.  This part is solves the issue, AND provides an EASY install.  I considered making this a part that went all the way around the shroud, but this would have greatly complicated the installation.  

Remove your scope, snap the support onto the shroud ( It has a nice tight and firm snap onto the shroud) and slide it forward under the picatinny rail until the hole is aligned. Insert and tighten screw.  The support has a steel nut recessed into it to accept the screw.  





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